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You Already Have A Plan

10/23 2018

I talk to people all the time who, when they find out what I do, say something like, “Hey, I need to talk to you!” Or, “Man, we’ve been talking about putting an estate plan together for years!” Invariably, those who make the first comment don’t get around to calling the number on the card … Continue reading You Already Have A Plan

Why Plan At All?

08/01 2018

Estate Planning is for people who want seamless control of their assets while they are alive and who want to leave a legacy after they die. Among reasons to have an estate plan, three of the best in my view are: Assets held in a grantor-funded revocable trust pass to trust beneficiaries outside of Probate, … Continue reading Why Plan At All?

Let’s Talk About Dying

08/01 2018

Some of the most important and difficult conversations we will have in our lives lie at the heart of Estate Planning – conversations about mortality, talks about dying. When approaching “the talk,” whether it’s us approaching our loved ones about our own mortality or getting a dying friend or family member to open up about … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Dying